Saturday, April 17, 2010

I'm gonna be Demoing the Cricut

Hi everyone,
Exciting news!!!. I have taken a job demoing the cricut at The Micheal's at Willowbrook. I will be flying out Friday for training. It all came about so quickly. One of my meetup group ladies posted and I called and got interviewed right there and then. Had my second interview last night via phone. I got a call today that they were extending me an offer and i filled out all the paperwork and now have a job demoing the Cricut machine every Sunday except Mother's day at the Micheal's at Willowbrook. From May thru June.

I'm very excited.

More when I know more.



  1. Well, I changed my mind. Decided I just was spread to thin and Feel a bit relieved that I didn"t have to change my life around for couple months. Hubby is relieved as well.

  2. What ever works best for you!! Thinking about you!! You deserve the best!