Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My New Camera

Well, It was a little harder than I thought with the new Camera. Everything on my computer was set up for Kodak Camera's My new Camera is a Nikon. It is a sweet camera. I'm actually reading the instructions on it. Don't laugh. You would think, just point and click and upload. Not that easy. My software is clashing and I have to have my computer guy fix some stuff and now that he is working 2 jobs, I am having a hard time getting him over here. He said he was off on Easter so I hope I can bribe him with food. If not, there will be no pictures for awhile.

I just finished my bike ride and am heading up to my craft room to do some organizing since I can't seem to find some of my stuff from the Stampede. Not really unpacked yet.

I am doing a weekend retreat in May with my Sister-in-law and really looking forward to it.

Then in June I'm going to Arlington to the Great American Scrapbook Convention with some of my Austin Area friends.

I am really looking forward to the next month and then some.

Have fun scrapping!

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