Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I. C. E. In Case of Emergency

Okay, this should have posted this the other day. Typed it all out and didn't check to see that it went through.

On Feb 20, 2010 at the Houston SWARM we had a young lady who had a seizure. No one knew her, she was someone who we had met through the message board. We were playing a game. "Chinese gift exchange" and she was the first to go. We jokingly had told her to sit cause it was gonna be a long wait we had 30+ people at the SWARM. She sits and we draw a couple more names, all of the sudden she shakes and then her legs go straight out and she has a violent seizure. falls from the chair and hits her head on the floor. We immediately called 911. By the grace of God we had a last minute fill in at the SWARM who ended up being a registered nurse. God bless our SWARM NURSE Kim. Anyway, I get her wallet and then we got her cell phone. Kathy called the last number dialed and left a message. Since I had this phone at one time I knew how to find contacts so I scroll through. I couldn't find an ICE number. I did find dad though and called and spoke to her father. He said she had no history of seizures and gave me her husbands number. I called him, let him know what was going on. The ambulance arrived and took her to the hospital which is like 2 to 3 blocks from the Clubhouse. Very sobering experience for the whole group. Everyone was talking and unfortunately not many had ICE in their phones. I am pretty sure they all do know. I know I do know. 1st contacts that pull up. This really is an important reminder. Real eye opener for the whole group.

Update on Lynda: She had all sorts of test done. She was released from the hospital with 5 stitches in her hairline, a black eye and a bitten tongue. She is not allowed to drive for 6 months per Texas law. She has had no history of seizures and hopefully this will never happen again, but they have to be sure.

So, please put ICE in your phone for me.
Have a wonderful today and a fantastic tomorrow.

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