Monday, February 22, 2010

So apparently I can't do pictures and post today

Here is the info on the pitures for the post below.

1st picture is Teresa (partyoffive) and Tammy (CreativeCritter-Tammy ) My camera wouldn't take the picture but when it finally di it got this and everytime I see it I think. "One more demo and I'm gonna shoot myself." Of course that was not the senerio, but that was all I could think when I saw the picture.

2nd picture My blogger Demo's left to right Pam (thebugbytes), Tammy (CreativeCritter-Tammy ), and Tracy (craftjunkietoo)

3rd picture Unfortunately I tend to forget to get a picture of the group till half have left.
I will try to tell you who all these ladies are. On the floor front row left to right we have Jennifer, Nisa, Tall Katie, Brenda, Sara, Wendy and Michelle. Sitting in middl;e row we have. Pam, Tammy, Marilyn, Fran and Nancy. Back row: Kirsten, Susan, Liz, Callie, Teresa, Mary Ellen, Tracy, Lori (ME), Tina, Laury, Katie and Kathy.

4th Picture: My Demo Ladies. You guys are the best!!!! Tammy (CreativeCritter-Tammy) , Pam (thebugbytes), Tracy (Craftjunkietoo), Kathy (Katyfitz), Laurie (Just_scrappin), Teresa (partyoffive) and Lori (The Cricut Lady) Should have cropped me out. Wasn't thinking or I would have.

5th picture: Me on the floor. I had put my back out at the end of January and am still healing. But they were taking a group picture and I was being silly and ended up on the floor. I'm not showing the other picture. Thanks there Susan for making sure you got my big ole backside in that picture. See if you get my camera again.

We had a wonderful SWARM. With the exception of the Seizure. Lynda, big hugs from all of us.

Wanta join us next time?

have a fantastic day and a wonderful tomorrow.

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  1. Several ladies had already left the SWARM when the picture was taken. Laury, Anna, Lynda, Kim, Lisa, Shelia, Demita, Vanessa and Bonnie. We will have to get pictures at lunch next time.