Saturday, January 15, 2011

Let's get this Blog up and running this year.

Life has sure been exciting lately, but I need to get this blog off the ground and running. So, here we go.

I have been ordering cartridges like crazy lately with all these great sales. I got the Disney Classics so I now can do my favorite character, Jiminy Cricket.
Goodness, I really need to count and see how many I have. I think 165 to 170 but I could be wrong. I got the cricut cake mini at Christmas. Still unopened in the box. I have been trying to get an imagine, but since the 4 they have sent me haven't worked Provo craft told me to send it to them and they'll send me one that works. Fingers crossed. I also got a YUDU Thanksgiving day. Still have yet to try a shirt. Maybe I will do it tomorrow and try a video. That's just a scary thought.

I am hosting a local SWARM here in Houston, February 19, 2011. Looks like it could be a full house. We'll see. I'm really excited about my SWARMS this year. I have some great ideas and hoping to make them even more fun for the cricuteers.

Provo craft is doing a huge event in Frisco, March 18, 19 and 20th. The Stampede. I will be going. Hoping it will be as much fun as everyone expects.
A bunch of my Houston SWARMing buddies are going. It will be fun, getting to play all day without worrying about hosting the event.

So stay tuned. We'll be getting this show off the ground starting tomorrow. If nothing else, I'll do a project and post it.

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