Sunday, January 3, 2010

The day flew by

Not one cricut thing done today, well, technically that is not true. I worked on SWARM stuff. It is getting closer. We have just over a month and 2 weeks till the big event. I have a surprise for everyone. I'm not telling till after the SWARM. If you want to know you have to come to the SWARM.

At lunch with my oldest son today. We had a great time. He helped me do a few things and then went home. I enjoyed my day with him though. Still not use to the empty nest. They moved out together so it has been kinda weird. They are only a little over 2 miles away, but still. Anyway!!

What does tomorrow hold? Who knows, but the way my year is going so far it will be amazing.
2010 is turning into the best year.

My fortune cookie on New Years eve said "In the coming year every thing you touch will turn to gold" something along those line, I couldn't quote exactly cause I got preoccupied and left it on the table. When I went back, they had already cleaned the table. I'd have had that puppy framed. Not taking any chance I ate my black eyed peas and coleslaw on New Year's Day.

hopefully something cricut related to post tomorrow. But I am keeping up the blog and that is a sign of progress. Baby steps - baby steps.

Night all. and have a wonderful tomorrow.

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