Friday, January 1, 2010

Januaray 1, 2010

Well, the New Year is here. I am so excited. I spent the day helping out a friend. Then a little lampworking and a bit of business stuff. I played with my new program a bit. Make the Cut seems to be a great program, but I still have alot to learn. I got an email saying my new cartridges should be shippied next Tuesday. Yes!!! I bought Heritage, Elmos' Party, Serenade, Song Bird, Tie the Knot and Forever Young. I also have Batman coming from another seller. Plus my three spring mini's should be here tomorrow. Waiting for a better deal on Superman. I am close to breaking 100 cartridges. I'm gonna get a couple others with my rewards. there isn't many on there I don't already own.

I will admit I have a problem. I now own a baby bug, Expression, Gypsy, Sure-Cuts-Alot, Make the Cut and 98 (I think) cartridges. Guess I better get them all registered. Better add that to my list to do.

I'm going to do a cricut project tomorrow so stay tuned.

Have a fantastic weekend and enjoy this beautiful New Year.


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