Saturday, January 9, 2010

My cricut area. Disney and frogs. Oh my!

Well, I cleaned in my scrap room a little today, but the big thing I got done today was hanging some of my Disney pictures. I have also taken some pictures of my cartridge shelf. That is not my whole collection, but it is a lot of them. As you can tell I collect, Kitty's Critter frogs, Disney stuff, Cricut cartridges and lots of supplies. Still got a lot of work to do in here but slowly but surely it will get done. Also, took a picture of my $15 clearance chandelier I got at Home Depot.

Let me know what you think. Lots of pictures. Oh and my Expression.

Have a great night tonight and a wonderful tomorrow.


  1. VERY nice!!!! I LOVE your room!!!

  2. Great room...have lots of fun creating in it and thanks for sharing!!!

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  3. WOW - that is awesome Lori.....your space is yumm-o.......lucky duck! heheheheeeeee

  4. Thanks everyone, I'm getting it all fixed up then we'll end up selling the house. But bigger and better room is what I see in my future.

  5. Oh, if only I could be so organized! Looks so nice.