Saturday, January 2, 2010

They are here. TerriKraft ROCKS!!!

Well, I stalked the mail lady on Thursday, she didn't have my package. (I think she was playing with them at home over the holiday, she's a scrapbooker) but today, my three little babies showed up. Easter 2010. Love Struck 2010, and Mother's Day 2010. TerriKrafts on the message board totally rocks. here is her blogspot.
I have done pre-orders from others before and been so disappointed, but not with Terri, I have done 3 pre-orders and am just as happy as can be. She keeps you well informed and is super quick to ship as soon as she gets the items. Plus she's always letting you know via the messageboard what's going on. Who could ask for more. Did I mention she totally rocks!!!!?

Anyway, back to the babies,
Love struck has some 3d objects, pretty cool. One is a mail box the other a box like a sweetheart box (you know the candy ones). There is also a Heart and I guess the last 3d object is an envelope. not sure about that one though. Beautiful hearts there are 27 images on this cartridge. Guess that is why it is a mini.

Then there is Easter, there are 3 d objects on it as well. little baskets and a pillow box? the images are a Cross, rabbits, eggs, lamb, grass, lilies. The chocolate Rabbit with the bite in his ear cracked me up, there are 29 images on this mini.

The Mother's Day. I am kinda disappointed in this one, I bought it for the pinwheel and doilies it has a great baby carriage on it. There are 30 images on this mini

Oh yeah, really liking Make-The-Cut, takes some playing, but liking the ease of use. Check out the videos on YouTube for more info..

I'm suppose to be getting my other 6 cartridges from Terri after this coming Wednesday. They were $38.00 plus actual shipping. See I told you. She totally ROCKS!!!

I am not affiliated with Terri in anyway, but I do believe when you get great service you need to let people know. Trust me if I get bad service you'll know that as well. But don't get me started on Memory Miser. BOOOOO HISSSS

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