Thursday, January 28, 2010

SWARM countdown

Well we are just days away from the SWARM. Well, 23 to be exact. Paper flying, cricut humming, scissors getting lost. I always misplace my scissors. I have 9 pairs in my craft room and I can never find one. Anyway, I still can't post any pictures of cricut stuff because they can't know. We have a full house. Some guest celebrities. So many demos your head will swim. The door prizes. DANG, I think I out did myself this time. Just kidding, but we do have some great door prizes. I'm working on the letter that will be mailed out hopefully tomorrow afternoon. If not, Saturday morning. Just wanted to check in and update the blog and tell you if you didn't make this SWARM, you had better figure out how to make the next one cause I'm already getting request for spot reservations for the next one. Kinda wild.

Hope you have a fantastic night and a wonderful tomorrow.


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